Remy Tilburg

Remy Tilburg


My body..
An instrument that evolves in space
Creates instrumental forms.

Sweat forms tears into harmony
Rhythmically on my skin.

The finding of the search is by me decided to fail.
To feel the urge to keep on searching..

I am building a “monument”
That will abrasion trough air and will be attached with my heavens and your earth.

In this journey i dont really search but i allow my body to be a architectural image.
Letting the body marinate in a deep soaky frequency and celebrate the playfulness that the body produces.
A monument of an moment will forever resonates in the echo’s of Claude debussy.

CV Remy Tilburg

In 2015, Remy Tilburg (1989) graduated at the Amsterdam University of Arts, majoring in Urban Contemporary (JMD). Since 2014, Remy has been a dancer at Conny Janssen Danst. In 2021, during the RIDCC, Remy, in his capacity as a choreographer, received the NDT Partner Award for his duet Fifty-one/forty-nine with Emma Evelein. In that same year, he was awarded the Aanmoedigingsprijs [Incentive Prize] for his solo Cotton Mind which he created for the solo performance Monuments in Solitude by Conny Janssen Danst. In addition to his choreography work, including music videos for artists such as Jeangu Macrooy, Remy established his own program as a choreographer. By the name of IID he gives workshops to promising dancers, focusing on the development of their own identity.
Creating dance gives Remy a sense of freedom. In his work, he dissects movement and dance into a formless entity in which identity is central.